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5 Personal Finance Experts Worth Listening To

Financial advice is a field more tricky and subjective than most others, and it can be tough to figure out who is giving good advice and whose words are going to ruin your accounts. The same financial strategy may not work for multiple people. Financial experts are the most important gurus in the world for many people, but how can you tell which self-proclaimed genius is giving legitimate advice. Take heed when these 5 financial experts start talking, because they have proven themselves to be worth listening to.

  1. Suze Orman
    Host of her own show on NBC and possibly the most recognizable financial expert in America, Suze Orman is a woman who deserves your attention. She has written half a dozen consecutive best selling books on financial matters, and her careful guidance combined with candid motivational words have helped many people better their lives. This is one expert with the experience and the drive needed to help you improve your personal finances, so be sure to listen up when she starts talking.

  2. Dave Ramsey
    People all over the world are struggling to reduce and manage their debts, and Dave Ramsey is on their side. Ramsey is the enthusiastic host of one of the most popular financially minded radio shows in the world. His show, which is heard on over 400 radio stations in North America, focuses on helpful financial advice and interviews with people who have turned their lives around by putting his advice into action. You can't argue with results, and Dave Ramsey is creating real results for real people every day.

  3. Jean Chatzky
    Everyone needs a little push to keep moving forward during tough times, and Jean Chatzky is always right behind to give you the push you need. A full-time financial journalist, highly respected author, and motivational speaker, Chatzky is one of the busiest women in the fast-paced world of finance. When she's not working as the financial editor for The Today Show, Jean is busy helping people all over the world manage their money and achieve financial independence. Few would disagree with the words of this true blue financial expert.

  4. Robert Kiyosaki
    Books seem to be the best ways for financial experts to give advice to the masses, and Robert Kiyosaki is putting those books on the shelves on a scale that is not easily matched. Kiyosaki is best known for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series, but his 15 books and combined sales of over 26 million speak for themselves. Robert is also popular on Twitter, where the entrepreneur tweets financial advice and
     famous quotes to give his followers food for thought on a regular basis.

  5. David Bach
    If you have any interest in finance, you're likely familiar with the work of David Back already. This financial writer and best selling author has published some of the most highly regarded financial advice books on the market, and he's made several appearances on prominent TV shows as well. His weekly Yahoo column on personal finance is a powerful read, and gives readers something new to think about every week. In the world of finance, experts like Bach command the attention of all around them.

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