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5 Tips for Making Money Investing in Classic Cars

There is nothing like that loud, roaring vroom of an old muscle car, or the rattle and prattle of a pre-war commuter car. Indeed, in the old days they made cars with more attention to detail and beauty than safety and environmental concerns. Global warming wasn’t on people’s minds and the idea of seat belts was ludicrous – all car manufacturers focused on was aesthetics and comfort. Classic cars have beautiful lines, colors and the interiors are often made with plush leather and soft fabric. Sure, some of the creature comforts of today’s cars are gone in classic cars – like air conditioning and satellite radio – but when you have a car that cool looking, why would you need those things? Here are five tips for making money investing in classic cars.

  1. Find financing. If you want to maximize your profits in the classic car market, it is important to maximize your holdings. This means that you need a wide array of vehicles that you can rebuild and resell. The smartest way to grow your holdings is to have financial power. When it comes to the classic car market, the rarer the car the better. However, the rarest cars are often the most expensive cars.
  2. Purchase vehicles when the depreciation value is at the lowest mark. Some cars have a few years before they reach maturity, so you want to purchase the vehicle before the maturity mark, because that is when you can purchase the vehicle for the lowest amount of money. However, this can, in turn, maximize your profit when it does come time to sell the vehicle. You can think of this like purchasing stock when it’s at its lowest and then selling when the stock is hot. If you have this mindset, you can often make the most profits.
  3. Do a lot of research. You may want to purchase a vehicle for its cool factor, or because your friends will like it, but oftentimes this can be a mistake. Just because a car is cool looking, it doesn’t mean it is worth a lot of money. Moreover, it may have a low resale value, but it doesn’t mean that you can make big profit on the vehicle if you rebuilt it. So, make sure to do your homework.
  4. Look at a lot of vehicles and purchase carefully. If you have millions of dollars to throw around, you may be able to purchase any car you see. However, even if you do have millions of dollars, this tactic is not very smart. You want to be incredibly careful about what classic cars you do purchase. So, make sure that you shop smart and make prudent decisions before you start writing checks.
  5. Have an experienced mechanic by your side when you look at vehicles. As a collector and dealer of classic vehicles, it is important to have a mechanic on your payroll. A mechanic can help restore, maintain and rebuild classic vehicles. Having a beautifully restored classic car will essentially be money in the bank. Whether you are looking for fast cash in Florida or California, restoring a classic car in a timely manner will be your ticket to financial success.

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