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5 Types of Homes You Can Buy in Launceston, Tasmania

The riverside city of Launceston in northern Tasmania, AU presents wonderful opportunities for relocation. If you are looking for a home in the area, you have numerous possibilities, new and old. Below, you can have a look at the types of homes currently available to buy at advantageous prices.

  1. Rural homes + land

In Launceston, rural and urban life mix together rather seamlessly, due to the relaxed atmosphere of the city. It is fairly common to find house and land combinations across Tasmania, and Launceston suburbs are no exception. Space is no issue here hence anyone will find it easier to invest in a home that also has land attached to it. It can prove suitable to a slower paced life or simply give you the opportunity to have more space of your own and therefore more tranquility. The land may have additional constructions on it, such as old warehouses that can be converted to suit a modern lifestyle.

  1. Multiple-bedroom family houses

A significant number of properties on the market belonged to long-established families. Old style homes are very pleasing to the eye and can be found in the city center, as well as in its suburbs. The relaxed style is highly attractive to families and couples of any age. House builders Launceston have followed the pattern when developing new and modern family homes. Such dwellings can range from Georgian and Victorian styles to contemporary. The median house price is estimated at about $300,000.

  1. The charming townhouse

Townhouses in Launceston usually have historical features but also recent refurbishment work. If you are a fan of inner city living, you will find such homes to be equally suitable and charming. Multiple-story houses offer varied possibilities for living. While rear decks provide excellent relaxation spots, ground floors can be used for business, as it's often the case. Townhouses have much potential and have well adjusted, realistic prices.

  1. Veranda homes

It comes as no surprise that Launceston offers plenty of homes with lovely verandas. Its rolling hills landscape offer amazing views and thus many home constructors have taken advantage of this aspect. Who wouldn't want to live in a home with splendid views? Veranda homes sell well and many are also up for rent. The houses come in any size – you don't need to opt for a lofty mansion to enjoy this feature.

  1. Kit and modular homes

Tasmania developers create steel kit homes as well as modular houses, which can be some of the most affordable housing solutions. Such homes are made in factories and then delivered to the chosen site. They're easy to assemble and can be made as small or large as desired. These constructions blend well into the environment as they have a natural, beautiful finish. All such units meet the standards set by the latest 6-star energy rating. Under-floor insulation ensures good heating and no waste. These homes are a result of listening to what people are looking for and therefore an expression of ideal modern living standards.

If you are a student or young professional looking for a home or investment in Launceston, there are numerous spaces for rent to choose from, both new and old. The city caters well to young and mobile workforce, too.

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