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Making a Gold to Cash Exchange

More often than not we all have a small hoard of jewellery stowed out of side. Whether it’s inherited chains, silverware and rings or an unworn purchase that is gathering dust – there is a cash alternative to having it taking up space around the house.

Exchanging your gold has never been easier, many online outlets make it even simpler to value your pieces and make it clear what you can expect to earn from them. Choosing which pieces are worth parting with can be difficult as there is so much variety available to exchange your gold. But, in the long term, the cash alternative is likely to reap far more benefits and free up space in the home to put to better use.

Click here to go to the London Gold Refinery, specialising in direct contact with the customer to get the best price for your unused gold pieces. Countless other gold exchange services are merely a middleman and eventually sell on your pieces to a refinery. This means a lower payout to you. Cutting out the indirect route, and dealing direct with the refinery means you get the real price that your jewellery is worth.

Their site has the benefit of an online valuation calculator, so you can personally make the decision whether or not it’s worth it to sell your gold. They send out the delivery pack, just fill it with the pieces you’re selling and send it off to claim your cash alternative. From watches, to jewellery, vintage coins and even silverware, their catalogue offers a wide variety of items available for exchange.

The benefit to you is entirely on your terms. You choose the pieces to sell, you get the delivery pack direct to your home and you get the true value of your gold in cash, click here to see what your items may be worth. While parting with inherited items can be difficult, you only need to question whether the pieces are hanging around out of duty over sentimentality. No pressure, all entirely on your terms, the gold to money exchange is worth it.

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