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Money Saving Ideas – The Top 10

When you’re out of cash or things are getting a little tight, some ingenious money saving ideas can make all the difference. So we have put together our top 10 suggestions to ensure your money can stretch a little bit further.

1. Get Ready To Switch
Staying with the same supplier for anything these days doesn’t pay, so make sure you take the time to compare your mortgage, utility bills, credit cards and even your supermarket to make sure you are getting the best deal. Be prepared to spend a few hours every year on each of your key expenses and you could save yourself a fortune.

2. Prioritise Your Debts
If you are in debt make sure you pay off the account with the highest interest rate first. Always pay off minimum amounts every month to avoid excessive charges and more when you can.

3. Find the Best Deal
On everything you buy your first through should always be ‘can I find it cheaper somewhere else?’. This doesn’t mean compromising on quality, but just finding the same product at a lower price. Look online for special offers or discounts but make sure you are not sucked in by a lower price with higher postage if buying online. 

4. Save Those Points
The best points systems don’t cost anything, they just buy your loyalty. But if you are a savvy shopper and only buy things when they are at their lowest price, you can still save points which could amount to discounts or free products.

5. Check Your Mobile Phone Tariff
Many people are still on mobile phone tariffs that are far too expensive for their needs. Asses your actual usage from your bills and if there is a cheaper tariff that can provide you with what you actually need, rather than paying for products you simply don’t use.

6. Keep Car Charges Down
DIY repairs such as topping up the antifreeze, replacing the oil, putting in a new air filter and installing new windscreen wipers can save you a fortune on the garage service charge. And if you have ever wondered if the items fixed during your standard MOT were really necessary, take your car to a council run MOT station for testing instead. They don’t offer repair service so they have no incentive to make you carry out work you don’t need. Instead they give you a basic MOT for a basic cost.

7. Buy Generic Medicines
Next time you need a new pack of aspirin, instead of heading to the pharmacy go to the supermarket and get the generic alternative instead. They will cost you far less than the branded products and work just as well.

8. Remember the Library
Libraries offer a range of products at free or discounted prices. Even your glossy mags, latest DVD’s and Console games are now available in most libraries and can vastly reduced your weekly entertainment budget.

9. Get Back In the Kitchen
One of the great money pits of the 21st Century is readily prepared food. This doesn’t just cover the Friday night takeaway but also the pre-packed sandwiches and readymade meals. To reduce your monthly outgoings get back in the kitchen and start cooking. It doesn’t have to be boring and take forever but it can make healthier and cheaper meals that actually have a bit of flavour too. And if you make enough, you can take leftovers for lunch the next day and find you are the envy of all your friends.

10. Just Say No
Ultimately the best way to save money is not to buy things you don’t want. The old adage of not buying food when you are hungry goes further. Don’t buy clothes when you are feeling down and always remember your budget. Keep strong and when you can’t afford something, just say no. 

Money saving doesn’t have to be painful and it doesn’t mean staying in every night. But with a good budget and a lot of common sense, you will find that your money can stretch further than you ever thought possible. 

Check out this site for plenty more money saving tips, ideas and advice.

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