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Three Reasons Owning a Vehicle Fleet could improve your Business

If you run a small business and you’re looking to improve your efficiency, one of the first things you should look at is buying a fleet of company vehicles.  This investment could help you streamline and become more profitable for a number of reasons; here are just three to help you become more informed.

You could expand your Business’s Outreach

If your business is one which relies on your local community, owning a fleet of vehicles could help to significantly increase your outreach and pull of your business.  For a start you would be able to freely go to more meetings at client-specified locations, not have to rely on public transport.

A second reason a fleet could expand your outreach is because you can use your vehicles as an advertising platform.  You could receive extra exposure by placing adverts on the sides and roof of your vehicles – check out this Pinterest board to see how your company logo could look on a vehicle.  The only downside to this idea is that if your vehicles find themselves in an accident, your business could receive unwanted attention, so make sure you get fleet insurance from a company like Insure Fleet to get back on the road quickly.

You could Attract Better Talent to your Company

If you want to attract the very best talent to your business, you will need a benefits package which will make your company appear like an attractive place to work.  Advertising to perspective employees that they could receive a company car could be the push they need to get them to apply with you.

Furthermore, if your business is situated in a remote area, you could expand the number of potential job applicants you receive just simply by suggesting they will be able to travel by a company car.

A Fleet is a Tax-deductible Asset

If you make the decision to buy your fleet instead of lease it, you are able to claim the vehicle’s cost VAT back as a business expense.  Moreover, you can also claim back for petrol, so this could mean that the money it cost to use the services of external couriers could work out as far greater compared to if you purchased your own vehicles.

Ultimately, there are a variety of reasons your business could benefit from owning its own cars, so if you’re looking to increase your profit, invest in a fleet today.

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