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  • Massachusetts Town Meeting Spirals Out of Control

    A town hearing in Massachusetts ended abruptly when the crowd became unruly, yelling, clapping and interrupting the speakers. The community of less than 8,000 became aggravated at the meeting Wednesday night when the proposal to ban sale items (cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco) was discussed. If this ban is pushed through in Westminster, Massachusetts, this town will make history by being the first. However, the residents remain... [Continue Reading]

    Is it time to think about your approach to investments?

    The financial world can sometimes seem like a complex maze, which it’s impossible for most people to navigate. When finance professionals are struggling to get great results and to predict the future, how can enthusiastic amateurs possibly hope to succeed? It seems to me that a successful approach to investing is all about having clear requirements in mind and then outlining a plan to meet your specific objectives. In fact, it’s only by... [Continue Reading]

    Infographic: How to Send Smart

    Presented by SpendSmart [Continue Reading]

    Surprising Factors That Affect Your Home Insurance Rates

    Out of the all the begrudging expenses that you must incur as a homeowner – home insurance is usually the most frustrating. One of the biggest reasons why it is so frustrating is because you can never seem to nail down a rate that makes any sense. You may call one company and get a quote that is completely different from another agency’s quote. It can really make your head spin. However – unbeknownst to you – your insurance... [Continue Reading]

    Equity Release: Lifetime Mortgage Versus Home Reversion

    Faced with retirement on a pension of today's standards, lots of us are looking for a way to bump up the pot of cash we have access to in later life. If you're over the age of 55 and own your own home, equity release could help you gain a lump sum of cash, boost your monthly income, or provide a combination of both to help you to fund your lifestyle. According to research, the amount of people taking out a lifetime mortgage (a form of equity release)... [Continue Reading]

    Consolidate Student Loans and Save

    No one wants to be straddled with debt after years of being in the classroom training to become a doctor, business person or other professional. But that’s the situation facing many graduates today. Adding to the fact, securing your first job right out of college can be a real challenge--even for the most arduous job seeker. With only a six month grace period before student loans go into repayment, students often face having to pay back loans... [Continue Reading]

    Electric Cars: Are they Really Eco-Friendly?

    Electric cars have long been feted as the answer to the world’s vehicular-related pollution problems. They don’t run on petrol, therefore they don’t produce as many harmful emissions, or contribute to the ongoing depletion of the world’s natural gas resources. Most of the people who drive electric cars believe that they are therefore contributing positively towards environmentalism. But how environmentally friendly are electric... [Continue Reading]

    Why You Need an Estate Plan

    Planning for your death is never easy. Even if you aren’t anticipating it happening anytime in the near future, it can be an eerie feeling. Because of this, people avoid it for too long and often die before they have settled their affairs. This can lead to a long process and a lot of heartache for your loved ones. Even if you are young and healthy, it is a good idea to get these matters settled so that you don’t have to worry about the... [Continue Reading]

    Investment News
  • Hard Rock drives traffic, investment in Sioux City
    SIOUX CITY, Ia. – With the sun peeking over the horizon, a half-dozen people ambled into the Work & Church Booze Parlor and took a seat at the bar or a table. One by one, a bartender served them cold beers as the aroma of freshly popped popcorn filled ...

    Man arrested in $100K overseas investment scam, Bergen prosecutor says
    Dantoni convinced four people to give him the money for the purchase of goods to be shipped overseas with a promised “large return” on the investment, Molinelli said in a statement. “The goods were never acquired by Dantoni and the overseas buyers were ...

    5 Home Investment Projects to Do This November
    The traditional selling season in real estate is the spring, but that doesn't mean there aren't projects you can do this November to boost the value of your house. From improving curb appeal to tackling a big project in the cool fall weather, here are ...

    Egypt hopes to attract $10-12 billion at investment summit in March
    CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt hopes to attract investment of $10-$12 billion in 20 projects, including in energy, transport and water, at a major conference in mid-March, the minister for international cooperation said on Saturday. The conference is seen as ...

    Capital Investment Breaks Ground on $80M Project in Newport
    Cincinnati-based Capital Investment Group Inc. broke ground Nov. 20 on the $80 million expansion of Newport on the Levee. Called Aqua on the Levee, it will bring apartments, retail, parking spaces and Greater Cincinnati's first Aloft hotel to the ...

    If You Only Have One Investment, This Is the One You Need
    Q: Which is a better long-term investment — a Nasdaq index fund or an index fund that tracks the Standard & Poor's 500? — James. More. Lampedusa Shipwreck: From the Depths of the Mediterranean SeaUsing Instagram to Open a Window on Everyday Life ...

    GM says $200M in investment headed to 2 Michigan plants
    Joe Aleman works on the line at Orion Assembly. The investment at Orion and Pontiac Metal Center are part of about $300 million in investments that GM CEO Mary Barra said in late October GM would announce by the end of the year. (Photo: Detroit News ...

    DCM China's Hurst Lin Takes Evangelical Approach to Investment
    Hurst Lin, a venture capitalist and co-founder of popular Web portal Sina.com, is looking for evangelists–at least those with a business idea. “We want 25- to 35-year-olds who still have the ability to evangelize,” he says, referring to the type of CEO ...

    INVESTMENT FOCUS-Russian assets remain dangerous but not untouchable
    But some fund managers attending Reuters' Global Investment Outlook Summit this week also see opportunities, regardless of political risk. They note Russian share prices measured against future earnings are among the world's cheapest, and one-year ...