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Investment Guide
  • Is it time to think about your approach to investments?

    The financial world can sometimes seem like a complex maze, which it’s impossible for most people to navigate. When finance professionals are struggling to get great results and to predict the future, how can enthusiastic amateurs possibly hope to succeed? It seems to me that a successful approach to investing is all about having clear requirements in mind and then outlining a plan to meet your specific objectives. In fact, it’s only by... [Continue Reading]

    Infographic: How to Send Smart

    Presented by SpendSmart [Continue Reading]

    Surprising Factors That Affect Your Home Insurance Rates

    Out of the all the begrudging expenses that you must incur as a homeowner – home insurance is usually the most frustrating. One of the biggest reasons why it is so frustrating is because you can never seem to nail down a rate that makes any sense. You may call one company and get a quote that is completely different from another agency’s quote. It can really make your head spin. However – unbeknownst to you – your insurance... [Continue Reading]

    Equity Release: Lifetime Mortgage Versus Home Reversion

    Faced with retirement on a pension of today's standards, lots of us are looking for a way to bump up the pot of cash we have access to in later life. If you're over the age of 55 and own your own home, equity release could help you gain a lump sum of cash, boost your monthly income, or provide a combination of both to help you to fund your lifestyle. According to research, the amount of people taking out a lifetime mortgage (a form of equity release)... [Continue Reading]

    Consolidate Student Loans and Save

    No one wants to be straddled with debt after years of being in the classroom training to become a doctor, business person or other professional. But that’s the situation facing many graduates today. Adding to the fact, securing your first job right out of college can be a real challenge--even for the most arduous job seeker. With only a six month grace period before student loans go into repayment, students often face having to pay back loans... [Continue Reading]

    Electric Cars: Are they Really Eco-Friendly?

    Electric cars have long been feted as the answer to the world’s vehicular-related pollution problems. They don’t run on petrol, therefore they don’t produce as many harmful emissions, or contribute to the ongoing depletion of the world’s natural gas resources. Most of the people who drive electric cars believe that they are therefore contributing positively towards environmentalism. But how environmentally friendly are electric... [Continue Reading]

    Why You Need an Estate Plan

    Planning for your death is never easy. Even if you aren’t anticipating it happening anytime in the near future, it can be an eerie feeling. Because of this, people avoid it for too long and often die before they have settled their affairs. This can lead to a long process and a lot of heartache for your loved ones. Even if you are young and healthy, it is a good idea to get these matters settled so that you don’t have to worry about the... [Continue Reading]

    5 Tips to Help You Avoid Making Bad Real Estate Investments

    Making a bad real estate investment is not like having buyer’s remorse. You can always return an expensive watch or an expensive television set, but you can’t return a home that turns out to be a lemon. If you wind up in a bad real estate deal, it could take a lengthy legal process to actually get out of it, which will only cost you more money down the line. So, the best option is try and avoid bad real estate investments before they... [Continue Reading]

    Investment News
  • Johns Manville plant investment plan OK'd
    Two groups approved a plan that will allow the city to issue revenue bonds to help Johns Manville. Loading… Post to Facebook. Johns Manville plant investment plan OK'd Two groups approved a plan that will allow the city to issue revenue bonds to help ...

    SoftBank And Sequoia Capital Make First Investment In Indonesia With $100 ...
    SoftBank And Sequoia Capital Make First Investment In Indonesia With $100 ...

    State investment council touts plan to pump $150 million into local companies
    The SIC's Private Equity Investment Program, through which the state co-invests with venture firms in New Mexico companies, has invested $70 million in local firms since 2013 and has ownership positions in 40 local firms, she said. The SIC has been ...

    Massachusetts candidate presses foe on investment
    BOSTON — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley said Wednesday that Republican rival Charlie Baker should take steps before the Nov. 4 election to disclose details of an investment made by the state of New Jersey in a venture capital firm ...

    Russia's Kudrin sees interest rate hike, slump in investment
    LONDON Oct 22 (Reuters) - Western sanctions are likely to depress Russian economic growth by 1-1.5 percent next year and decrease foreign investment by 20 percent or more, former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said on Wednesday. Speaking to ...

    EU's Juncker Pledges Investment Plan for Jobs
    The incoming head of the EU executive, Jean-Claude Juncker, told the European Parliament on Wednesday that he would present his 300-billion-euro plan for investment to bolster growth and jobs by the end of this year, before a vote saw his new-look ...

    Philippine regulator says Caesars must put up higher casino investment
    MANILA (Reuters) - U.S. gaming firm Caesars Entertainment Corp (CZR.O) has to put in at least $1.5 billion as minimum investment if it proceeds to invest in the Philippines, an up-and-coming gaming destination that has lured some of the world's biggest ...

    SoftBank leads $100 million investment in Indonesian ecommerce firm Tokopedia
    TOKYO (Reuters) - SoftBank Corp announced Wednesday it will lead a $100 million investment round in Indonesian ecommerce giant PT Tokopedia, the Japanese mobile carrier's third investment overseas under Vice Chairman Nikesh Arora. SoftBank's ...

    South Korean firms, unfazed by slowing economy, step up China investment
    This expansion in China by South Korean companies is in sharp contrast to Japanese firms, which have been rapidly scaling back investment following a territorial dispute between Tokyo and Beijing two years ago and ongoing political spats. Japan's ...