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4 Tips for Successfully Selling your Property

The right preparation is the key to selling a property successfully. Whatever time of year you are selling, start to put everything in order. With the majority of property owners entrusting real estate agents to handle the sale, choosing the right one is crucial, as you will be dealing with them for weeks. The right agent can help you get the best price in a short time. Here are tips to help you have a stress-free selling experience.

  1. Decide between sole or multi-agency

Choosing a sole agent to sell your property means having only one agent exclusively selling it. Typical sole-agency agreements are for about 8 to 12 weeks. During this period, you should not switch or speak to other agents or you might end up paying more than one commission. For multi-agency agreements, there is no fixed term and no restrictions on the number of agents you can instruct. Several agents may market your property simultaneously, and you eventually pay the one who sells it. A sole-agency agreement is cheaper compared to a multi-agency agreement.

If you go with a sole agency, you don’t have to choose a long agreement, as you can always renew the contract. If you prefer multi-agency, go with only three agents, and choose those which are based far away from one another, so you cover a wider area.

  1. Negotiate on price and fees

Get a good idea of your property’s worth before dealing with agents. Check out the internet or your local newspaper. Speak to at least three estate agents to value your property. Ask the one who appraises it higher if he has a buyer who will buy it at a higher price. If they have different commission rates, you can always negotiate, because they are likely to reduce their original rate. Avoid disclosing your preferred selling price for your property, or previous valuations, until an agent has finished their appraisal.

  1. Be sure the property is available for viewing

Ask your agent regarding their plans for managing viewing. You can alternate viewing schedules, just make sure the property is presentable. If you are not always available, give your agent spare keys to show your home when you are not around.

  1. Negotiate the offer

It is good practice for agents not to disclose a buyer’s offer to other buyers, because this can create an auction scenario that could result in overstretching, and then having to renegotiate later. Ask the buyer for their final offer, and then confirm other details such as the breakdown of financing, or details of a chain, whichever is applicable.

Sell your home quickly and smoothly at the best price by making your home the best it can be, and getting your paperwork in order. You can choose to work with online estate agents to potentially save money. To search for one, just enter “sell my home” in the search box.

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