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Three Things I Love about My Award Plaques Collection

There is something really satisfying about winning something or getting recognition from doing something we love. That was exactly what I felt when I got my first award plaque. I couldn’t stop staring at it for months and I made it my life goal to get even more plaques.

I put my first plaque on my desk and soon one turn into two and the number just kept growing until there was no spaces any longer on my desk. My parents finally bought a display case where I could keep all my award plaques. When I was young, I simply looked at the materialization of my achievements that is the plaque only to encourage me to work harder. But as I grew older, I couldn’t help but pay attention to the details of my plaque collections and here are some of the things I love from them.


I really love it when I receive brass plaques. I’m always a fan of everything that looks timeless and that is exactly what brass plaque is all about. But lately, I rarely receive plaque with this kind of material again because it seems like people have moved to more modern looking materials like stainless steel or marbles. Personally, I don’t really like stainless steel but marble plaque is my new jam. Just like brass, it is classic but with a completely different vibe. Besides, I also really like it because I don’t have to keep polishing it to keep its shine.


Another best thing that I really love about my plaques is the design. As a matter of fact, every single time I won something, I eagerly anticipated how the plaque will look like. Once, I did a volunteer work for a national youth conference and I received pretty photo plaques. Yes, there is the picture of my smiling face on the plaque and I’ve never felt so appreciated like that before. I also love observing the variety of plaque designs in my display case.

The Writings

Last but not least, I love it the most when I find my name written on the plaque. I rarely got custom plaques from competitions, but I often got it from volunteer works. When I see my name written on the plaque, I feel like it really belongs to me. Furthermore, reading the personalized writings on the plaque also make me feel really grateful to participate in such events and make everything becomes more memorable when I look at those plaques again.

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