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5 Home Improvements That Are Worth Investing In

Keeping up with regular home maintenance is important for a number of reasons, like preserving the quality or standard of living and increasing the value of your home. Many real estate agents recommend that people do basic upkeep to their homes in order to keep it in sellable shape in case they decide to move on or make an upgrade. Moreover, it is recommended that homeowners make minor or basic home improvements every year and major improvements every 5 years. Yet, it can hard to know which improvements are actually worth the investment and which are a waste of money. Here are 5 home improvements that are actually worth investing in.

  1. One of the most cost beneficial home improvements is not painting the exterior of your house, but installing siding. Adding quality siding to your home can maintain the luster of the paint and insulate the home. It is cost effective and can greatly add to the overall aesthetic value of the home. It is recommended that homeowners go with a fiber cement siding, opposed to vinyl siding, which can be easily damaged by extreme weather conditions and can crack, fade and peel. Best of all, good fiber cement siding can also protect against rotting, termites and even fire.
  2. Painting your home is another home improvement that is also worth investing in if you decide to not go with siding. Real estate agents say that homes with quality exterior paint jobs sell better and are more aesthetically pleasing to buyers. Moreover, homes that are painted a yellow hue tend to sell better than homes painted other hues. Homeowners can save big, up $5,000 to $10,000, if they paint their houses themselves.
  3. Another worthwhile investment is to replace the windows of your home. Experts say that homes with windowpanes that are not energy efficient can cost homeowners a fortune in utility bills. This is especially pertinent in the winter or summer when homeowners are blasting the heat and air conditioning. It is also important to not only fix the windowpanes, but the frames too.
  4. Real estate agents and contractors say that one of the most important elements of property upkeep is plumbing. This is especially important if the home is older and the plumbing needs to be updated. You could contact a reputable plumber, like Filan and Conner Plumbing, to give you a quote to modernize or renovate your old plumbing. As our homes age, the plumbing can rust, crack or become clogged, which can greatly contribute to the inefficiency of our homes.
  5. Lastly, keeping up with your landscaping can greatly add to the aesthetic and fiscal value of your home. This can include installing new grass, planting regional flora, growing rose bushes or other flowers, or even adding a waterfall. Having a beautiful lawn will also show that you care about your home and neighborhood. Moreover, having an incredible front yard or back yard can add to our general emotional well being. Having a home should give us a sense of pride of ownership; why not show it on the outside with a beautifully landscaped lawn?

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