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Why Cars Are A Good Investment for Your Money

You might think that cars are not a good investment because by nature, cars have a yearly depreciation value. This is only natural because you would not get the same 2019 Toyota Fortuner in the next five years – it would be in a less good shape even if it is really well maintained and taken care off. That is just how the wear and tear of something used frequently comes into play. So who in their right mind would actually opt to invest in a car that would only be worth less in the future, right? What do you have to gain on that? More and more people are looking to invest in high return investments these days with their hard-earned money. Though it sometimes does not come easy, as there will be risks, it is still possible to get a high return on your chosen investments. As a matter of fact, cars may just be your gateway to a potentially high earning investment without having to be burdened by such a huge risk.

Buy To let Cars

With just a low amount of cash, you could actually start investing in a buy-to-let car. With just a minimum of £7,000, your money would already be able to buy out a car that would then be leased on to potential drivers. You might ask how and why you would be able to earn with just a minimal cash requirement, right. Well, what the company does is that they target people with a bad credit line to lease out their cars so that they are able to charge higher interest rates compared to the standard when leasing out cars to people with good credit scores. With your investment, you would be listed as the investor of the car, with the company acting as sort of the “care-taker” of the car. So should a scenario happen when the company gets bankrupt, you are still safe with your money as you would be able to ask for the repossession of the car.

Short Commitment with High Earnings

What the company promises with your minimum required investment is a high potential passive income earning. You are looking at an annum return of around seven to eleven percent – that is a minimum of twenty percent return of investment within their investment term of only three years! Over the span of thirty six months, you as an investor, would get monthly pay-outs amounting to the amount of initial investment you made with the company. On the 37th month, you would be able to enjoy and reap the benefits of your investment as you would receive a lump sum of the amount remaining from your capital plus the interest you managed to earn for three years – without having to lift a finger!

Better Than a Bank

Because of the company’s pay-out scheme, your money would be in a lot better place than you would have when you opt for a savings account in a bank. Don’t they say that when you place your cash in a bank, it is just like placing and saving it under your mattress? A bank would not give your money the earning capacity to keep up with inflation. Meaning to say, the very low interest rates in bank would more or less give you the same value of money from three to five years ago. But looking at buying to let

 cars, you would be covering the annual inflation rate with your minimum 21% return on investment.

Your Money Works for You

There are some types of high return investments where you need to constantly keep an eye on and monitor on a daily basis. An example of this is investing in the stock market. Yes, you could get a high return, but you have to work on it and give your time and energy every single day because of how unstable it is. On one good day, you may have doubled your investment, but it could also go down to nil on a bad day – depending on the move of the economy. With an investment in buy to let cars, you let your money do all of the work for you. You would not have to wake up extra early everyday just to log on to your computer and check the values and rates. This is passive and assured income that just gets straight to your bank account. You would not even have to face or know any of the potential lessees, or visit your car, or pay for car repairs and maintenance expenses – nothing of some sort. All you have to do is give your initial investment, sign some papers, then you are good to go. You just have to check in on your bank account once in a while and watch your money rise.

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